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Workforce Screening Solutions was established to help employers minimise risk and save money when employing staff. Pre-employment screening puts prospective workers through an extensive musculo-skeletal and functional examination to ensure that they are fully fit and able to safely perform the tasks and activities you are employing them to do.


Our Screening Services


Pre-Employment Screening Assessments

It is vitally important that pre-employment screening is tailored specifically for your business. Generic tick box screening assessments are not good enough. We design and then implement custom made screening assessments based on the actual tasks, loads and movements required within your workplace. That way you know that the workers you employ are capable of performing the exact tasks you need them to.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

These evaluation tools are very important, not only in the initial employing phase, but also if a worker suffers an injury (either at or outside of work). They are specifically designed to mimic exact work tasks so are an effective tool in determining appropriate task levels for suitable duties programs and to determine when a worker is able to return to full duties.

Other Services


Risk and Task Assessments

Prevention pays dividends. Not only do these assessments help to reduce injuries and time off work, they also help businesses to continually improve their systems and processes.

Return to work (RTW) programs

Getting workers back into meaningful and appropriate work after an injury or illness is vitally important. Not only for your business but also for the workers well being and recovery. We help you develop RTW procedures that are efficient and workable based on your individual work demands.

On-site treatment and injury management

We provide on-site Occupational Physiotherapy services to a number of businesses on a regular basis. Providing manual and exercise therapy based treatments as well as ergonomic, fitness and injury management advice, this level of input has shown to decrease injury levels and improve worker well being.

About Us

Director - Alec Bragg B Phty, APAM
Alec is a qualified Physiotherapist with over 28 years experience including the last 6 years of predominantly Occupational Physiotherapy. Based in the Sunshine Coast/Gympie region of Queensland, and working with companies ranging from multi-nationals to family businesses, he has earned the reputation of a hard working, results driven professional that can tailor occupational health solutions for any situation. Companies utilising his expertise are enjoying the significant financial benefits though the development and implementation of appropriate pre-employment screening and functional capacity evaluation tools. His ability to perform commonsense task assessments and develop workable return to work systems have enabled many workplaces to vastly improve their occupational health systems.


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Ph: 0439 870793


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